Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

  1. ETO Gas Sterilizer


    • Volume: 1 m3 - 100 m3
    • Chamber Materials Used: SUS 304 stainless steel
    • Sterilizing Time Required: 30 min -24 hours
    • Temperature Range: 0~100oC
    • Humidity Range: 0~99%RH
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  2. Ethylene Oxide Scrubber Systems

    The process :
    • Working principle
      • The EO gas is pumped into the pickling tower, and be absorbed, massive contact and reacted with the acid liquid, then formed glycol. It react as below C2H4O+H2O-C2H4(OH)2
    • After the treatment system,the clarify rate for the EO is more than 99.9%
    • The treatment system is customized according to customers' requirements and the local governments' standard. Different requirements with different projects. About the consume of the ACID LIQUID, ALKALI LIQUID, WATER AND OTHER CHARGES are prefer to the real project.
    • There are two main factors must be controlled: The PH of the acid liquid and the degree of the saturation for the glycol.
      • The acid liquid is generally 1%~5% dilute sulphuric acid, the PH is less than 1.5, if bigger than this,there needs add the acid. Generally 1m3 water can absorb a determined value EO, when the EO consume is bigger than this,there need change the acid liquid in the acid tank.
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  3. Laboratory Eto Sterilizer


    • Volume :78L/150/230L,
    • Sterilizing time :2-5 hours
    • Temperature range :37&55oC
    • Humidity range :30-80%RH
    • Working pressure :60kPa
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  4. Stainless Steel Inner Chamber


    • Power Supply : 220V/110V±10%,50/60Hz
    • Capacity :25L
    • Temp. Range :RT+10~250℃
    • Packing Size (W*D*H) mm :690*550*600
    • Gross Weight(kg) :45
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